Cathal Brugha Swimming & Water Polo Club

Coaching and other Qualifications

Qualifications Update – Urgent Response Required! 

We need your help to update our records and to ensure our compliance with a Swim Ireland directive!

All Clubs have recently been contacted by Swim Ireland/Ireland Water Polo, who are updating Membership records as part of their GDPR/Data Protection compliance work.

Cathal Brugha has received instructions, which we MUST comply with, to meet these new information management standards.

In short, Clubs need to contact their Members and seek permission from those Members holding qualifications to link their qualifications to their Club.

Examples of relevant qualifications are:
• Water Polo Coaching Level 1 or 2,
• Swimming Coaching/Teaching Level 1 or 2,
• Referee qualification, Team Manager qualification,
• Mini Water Polo or other CPD,
• or other Swimming/Water Polo related qualifications.

Therefore your part in this process, as a Member of Cathal Brugha Swimming & Water Polo Club, requires you to send us an email at listing your qualifications and agreeing to have your qualifications assigned to Cathal Brugha S&WPC within the Swim Ireland database role register.  

If you are in any doubt which qualifications you currently hold, then you can see which qualifications have been attributed to your personal Membership Profile on the Swim Ireland GoMembership database at  We need you to do this because the Club does not have access to your personal profile information on the Swim Ireland database....only you have this access.

If you have any problems accessing your profile at GoMembership or perhaps need an access password, then please contact Swim Ireland for advice at

Please pass this information on to Cathal Brugha Members whom you suspect may not see this post.  All records need to be updated by 2nd September; therefore your urgent cooperation will be very much appreciated…..please do not ignore this request, thank you.

Gerry O’Neill