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New Andersonstown Leisure Centre

Letter to the Irish News - 21/03/2017

New Andersonstown Leisure Centre 'Partial Movable floor'......

Here is a letter published in this mornings Irish News from N McMahon supporting the reinstatement of a movable floor in the plans for the new build Andersonstown Leisure Centre.
The simple message being that a movable floor is not exclusively for improved water polo access but this flexible aspect of pool provision is viewed by leisure services providers as a necessity in any modern swimming pool. This technology helps meet the wide and varied needs of users groups from parent & toddlers, to aquarobics classes, to special needs groups, to schools, to swim lessons for beginner to accomplished swimmer levels and many other potential users of this new facility.

There are numerous benefits to having a pool with a moving floor.

Here are just a few:
• Pool level can be adjusted at the touch of a button.
• Floor can be set to a predetermined level to suit individual or event requirements.
• Creates a safer swimming environment for toddlers and young children.
• Pool floors can be adjusted to meet the requirements of individuals with special needs
• Provides maximum programming versatility and an opportunity to accommodate future developments in water based activities, classes etc.
• Can accommodate larger numbers for aqua aerobics or other water based classes than a fixed slope floor
• Safe and Secure environment when pool floor is fully raised.
• Becomes usable space when the pool is not in use (can be walked on).
• Lower energy costs and reduced condensation when the pool floor is raised.

To build a fixed depth shallow to deep pool, as previously existed in the old Falls Baths or as originally installed at Andersonstown, as part of a new £25m leisure centre would be a missed opportunity to embrace modern swimming pool technology and would consign all Andersonstown LC users to an outdated pool design for decades to come.

A call to our local Councillors - in the best interests of all swimmers in West Belfast, please do not let opportunity pass us by!

Example of a partial movable floor